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Getting Started

Are you at the beginning of your healing journey and not sure if the somatic approach is the right fit for you?

Maybe you feel like you have tried every treatment and "cure" that is available, but you just can't move forward any further.


Starting off slow is a simple and profound way to start healing. Schedule your intro session and discover whether or not somatic healing is the approach you've been waiting for.


If you are not ready or able to join my intensive program,  

This is where you can begin...

Work with Laleña 

Laleña is a Certified Master Embodiment Coach, Somatic Trauma and Attachment Therapist, Trauma-Informed Practitioner, Certified Yoga instructor and Licensed Bodyworker.


She specializes in helping clients develop the necessary awareness towards physical and mental processes that lead to the resolution of symptoms resulting from unresolved trauma and stress.

Outside of her 90-day Trauma Release Initiation, and her

6-month Re-Right Your Story Immersion, Laleña offers one on one monthly support for returning clients which include, two 60 minute sessions per month with unlimited text and audio message support in the Voxer App for customized coaching in between sessions. 

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intro session

What's included:
  • One 90 minute Deep Dive Somatic Session for new clients.

  • Meet Laleña and discover whether or not the somatic approach to healing is the right fit for you!

  • Receive 30 days of customized coaching in the Voxer App post session for further integration and support.

  • Custom tailored solutions as we progress together

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returning client session

What's included:
  • One 90 minute Deep Dive Somatic Session for returning clients.

  • Receive 30 days of customized coaching in the Voxer App post session for further integration and support.

  • Custom tailored solutions as we continue to  progress together

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What's included:
  • Two 60 minute Somatic Deep Dive Sessions per month

  • Voxer (voice message app) support in between sessions

  • Custom tailored solutions as we progress together

  • One month commitment at a time, work together as long as needed.

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vip support

What's included:
  • One 4 hour Somatic Deep Dive Sessions 

  • Voxer (voice message app) after our session 

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We can only go as far as our subconscious conditioning.

is to help you 


go farther.


I work with trauma survivors who feel that something is missing in traditional talk therapy. I help them safely release trauma from their bodies and repair the central nervous system.

This is where subconscious limiting beliefs transform and self love becomes 

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"I have tried many different forms of therapy over the years such as CBT and DBT. These were helpful in helping me control thoughts but never got to the root of the problem to where it could help calm and realign my central nervous system. 


I have been working with Lalena for over a year now and can't believe the progress I've made with emotional regulation. Lalena's soft voice combined with her compassion and empathy has been helping me heal deep-seated wounds, not just cognitively but physically. I can get out of bed now and look forward to my day without any pharmaceuticals. 


Lalena has a true calling for healing others. This is what she was meant to do in this lifetime. I genuinely physically feel the difference just from talking with her. If I'm having a tough week I am able to keep my spirits up knowing I'll see Lalena and be able to work it out. If you have an open mind and are ready to help heal yourself, I can't think of a better healer to work with than Lalena. She has a true gift to share with others."

- Ongoing Client

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  • Do you work virtually or in person?
    I offer my services both virtually (online and by phone) as well as in person in order to best support you.
  • Do you offer services outside of the US?
    Yes! It is important for me to support my clients no matter where they reside which is why I happily offer my services worldwide.
  • What are your rates?
    One-on-One work with Laleña is billed as a monthly package which includes 2 (two) 50 minute sessions and ongoing Voxer (voice message) support between sessions for $444. Starting in December 2023, an additional provider, Natalie Nue, will be available for individual one-on-one sessions at a rate of $130/session.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    I do not accept insurance at this time but I do accept HSA cards. If you have more questions about this, feel free to contact me.
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