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My Niche

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  • Helping you connect to and understand the inherent wisdom behind your psycho-somatic symptoms, nervous system disorders, and automatic coping mechanisms.

  • Build a profound relationship of love, trust and understanding with yourself and your nervous system. Become your own primary source of love, safety and belonging

  • Safely repair the central nervous system and reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs at a felt sense (somatic) level. ​

  • Heal attachment wounds from childhood for increased connection with self and other in present time. Reprogram implicit attachment wounding. Move from insecure to earned secure attachment.

  • Codependent relationship patterns. How to break the cycle.

  • Deep dives into the father and mother wound. Moving out of wounded feminine and masculine and into mature and secure states of the feminine and masculine. 

  • Boundaries and effective boundary setting and secure communication. 

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Why Choose a Somatic Trauma and Attachment Therapist / Coach? 

  • Somatic trauma and attachment therapy is designed to help you repair your  central nervous system and increase your resiliency. Effectively recalibrating  your threshold for joy, love, and safety - with yourself first!

  • By safely releasing incomplete fight, flight, freeze, and fawn responses from your body, the subconscious mind is transformed. Empowering you to be different without having to "think" to be different.

  • Somatic therapy and internal family systems is designed to create safety for ALL parts of you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There's nothing you cant share in my office. All parts of you are welcomed and honored.

  • Transformational coaching paired with somatic therapy ensures to take you as wide, as it does deep. We go big picture to discover what you really want. Then we follow a recipe to help you break your particular version of self sabotage and impostures syndrome. 

  • Transformational coaching is all about accountability. The marriage of somatic therapy alongside coaching provides the accountability and steps needed to step out of your cycle once and for all. 

Somatic Therapy

Somatic trauma and attachment therapy is a evidence based healing modality that applies the most current, cutting-edge research in trauma therapy. While remaining rooted in wisdom approaches that reach far back into ancient forms of healing.


It is changing how we perceive and treat; stress, nervous system disorders, and trauma. Somatic processing is known for its safe, quick effectiveness in bringing change and healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

This work helps the mind talk to the body, and vice versa so that the incomplete fight, flight, freeze, and fawn responses have a chance to complete and get current with the present again. This allows for the stress hormones that have been cycling, many times without interruption for many years, to experience relief and eventually, with practice, successful rewiring. This is where healing becomes possible and subconscious limiting beliefs transform. 



Zen Stones
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As a somatic trauma and attachment therapist I have discovered the indescribable value of focusing on ones hopes and dreams for the future, while also unpacking and unburdening from the pain of the past.

A healthy balance of processing the past and envisioning the future, has empowered my clients to Re-Right The Story of their destiny and find freedom where hopelessness once was.


Transformational coaching has the depth and safety of somatic therapy while also providing the accountability and steps necessary to transform limiting beliefs, identity and behaviors.

Advanced Transformational Coaching

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Internal Family Systems

Internal family systems also known as IFS or "parts work" is a evidence based healing modality that empowers you to build a relationship to the different "parts" of your internal landscape. IFS teaches that within each of us resides a Core Self that is the inherent wisdom and healing essence of our system. Alongside the core self we also have a wide variety of different parts that arise out of the subconscious mind, that are protective and guard vigilantly our deepest wounds and unprocessed traumas.

These protective parts can also be seen as defense mechanisms or the adaptations that have been imperative to our survival. IFS is stunning in its ability to compassionately work with hurting parts that are often in objection to one another, so we can move forward unencumbered by the burdens and hurts of the past.

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"I was referred to Lalena for Somatic Therapy after learning of my husbands unfaithfulness. This betrayal was assaulting and revealed deep rooted pain and fear within me. The hurt was complex, multi faceted, and affected every aspect of my life.

Lalena has guided me  through the darkest days of my life with

the kindness of a true friend. It is no understatement to say that she saved my life. Through the 90 day intensive Lalena has taught me how to care for myself with compassion and grace. She has given me the tools to release years of suppressed emotion and gain power over my present and future in new and unexpected ways. I'm learning to unapologetically claim the life, love and relationships that I've always dreamed." 

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Specific Areas of Focus & Passion

  • Repression and all psycho-somatic symptoms and/or physical dis-ease

  • Relational trauma and the attachment system

  • Developmental trauma

  • Nervous system disorders (anxiety, panic, depression, etc.)

  • ​Codependency​ and narcissism relationship patterns and nuances. 

  • Attachment wounding; anxious/ambivalent, avoidant, disorganized, and secure attachment styles.

  • Dissociation and disembodiment 

  • Parenting and bonding concerns

  • Shame & vulnerability

  • Trauma of all kinds

  • Complex PTSD

  • Low self esteem & lacking self love & self trust

  • Addiction and compulsion​​​​​

  • Life purpose or lack thereof


  • Birth stress and trauma

  • Processing of grief and loss

  • Creative and/or mental blocks

  • Anger management 

  • Desire to become "unstuck" from old patterns 

"Trauma is not what happens to us but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness. ”

~Peter Levine

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