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Trauma Release Initiation

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A 90-day transformational intensive to repair your central nervous system, unburden from the pain of the past, and unlock your body's inherent ability to heal.

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ready to...

Are you 

Help your mind talk to your body and your body talk to your mind.

so you can experience how to safely release incomplete fight, flight, freeze

and fawn survival  strategies from your central nervous system?  


Increasing your capacity to experience love, safety, and belonging with yourself and others in present time? 

Unlocking your bodies innate ability to heal by not only safely releasing stored stress and trauma, but by also finding resolution for the events of your life that have kept your nervous system spiraling, possibly for years?


Its time to unburden from the survival codes of the past and reclaim the life you've always imagined.

Safely releasing stress and trauma from your body allows for a new story about yourself, others and the world to become embodied.

By building an intimate relationship with your own nervous system, your body will become your compass and a primary source of love, trust and guidance that will not lead you astray.

The answers are already within you.


As your guide through this transformational process I will be facilitating new ways of relating to and processing trauma through your nervous system. This will support you in alchemizing your pain into healing potential.

The methods you will learn from this 3-month, one-on-one initiation are the skills that saved my life after enduring significant trauma and loss.  The techniques and practices you will receive in the intensive are a blend of my extensive training in somatic healinginternal family systems, and transformational coaching and are designed to serve you for a lifetime.



Having a relationship with your body much like a compass, guiding you back home. You will grow to understand the positive intention behind why your body does what it does, and have the tools to unpack the wisdom behind your psycho-somatic symptoms and nervous system ailments. Unlocking your bodies inherent ability to heal from the inside out.

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Reconnecting with your body and safely releasing cortisol and adrenaline from unresolved events of the past. Freeing your body to FEEL different in present time. Here you will start to renegotiate your fight, flight, freeze or fawn automatic survival responses. Allowing you to find pause, choice, and curiosity in places you would have reacted in the past.

Feeling at home, secure, and embodied in your most authentic expression, with self-love and self-trust as your companions. Freeing you to become your own primary source of love, safety and belonging and say goodbye to the pattern of relying on other people to validate your reality or “approve” of your truth.

Recognizing your needs, wants, and boundaries and having the confidence to unbridle yourself from the shackles of voicelessness and giving your power away, to people and places that have no business directing your life. Know what is your responsibility and what is not, and how to move forward with ease and grace.

Receiving highly specialized 1:1 customized support tailored to your unique needs and have everything in place to help your body feel safe enough, to rise out of self sabotage and into sovereignty. Together, we will pave the way for new neural pathways to form throughout your nervous system . Empowering you to BE different without having to “think” to be different.

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with expert guidance + accountability

Go Further On Your Path To Healing

What is within the 3-month Initiation

During our 3 months together we will support your body to safely release and let go of outdated stories and traumas, so you can find the freedom you've always longed for in your life today.


Together we will explore your core beliefs, examine your nervous system, and excavate your survival strategies. 


Unburdening your psychosomatic symptoms and cultivating healing at the cause of what has historically held you back.


You will leave this program with the clarity on how to move

out of surviving and into thriving

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closer look?

Want to take a 

Discover all of the details for the Trauma Release Initiation in my program guide. Inside you'll find the core themes we will explore, session types, bonuses, investment, and scholarship opportunities.

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What themes do we explore?

Your Core Stories

Together we will explore the false narratives that you've been subconsciously repeating about yourself that keep you trapped in a cycle of self-sabotage. These stories create your reality, and
they CAN be rewritten.

Your Nervous System

We are all wired toward survival and our bodies require a felt sense of safety in order to thrive. We will work with your nervous system as you learn to feel and then heal outdated stories.

What is our timeline?

While our twelve sessions can take place weekly over the course of 3 months, you can also set the pace of your healing. 

The work that we do together will reprogram your central nervous system - it is not a transformation to be rushed and YOU know the best pace for your body.

Each of our 12 sessions is 60-75 minutes long.

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"Laleña helped me to heal past traumas that I had throughout my life in weeks vs the years I had spent in talk therapy. She helped me to see the wise woman within me and love myself like I never have before. She has given me tools that will help me navigate for years to come. 

Laleña has a calm and gentle nature and creates a safe place where I feel cared for, encouraged, seen and heard. The intensive was the best gift I have ever given myself. I am beyond grateful for the care and service she provided me." 

- Accountant and Mother, Colorado Springs

Program Details

The Trauma Release Initiation is a 12-session program consisting of:

10 : 60 min Somatic Trauma & Attachment sessions

2: 60 min Master Transformational Coaching Sessions

Unlimited Voxer/voice message coaching between sessions when you pay in full.

Therapy session

Coaching sessions

During our coaching sessions we will work towards learning the "top down" and "bottom up" therapeutic practices and techniques that will help you rewire your nervous system long beyond the three month initiation.

I will draw from my training in somatic healing, internal family systems, and advanced transformation coaching to create specific exercises that you can use for your individual journey. 

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Deep Dive Sessions

Over the course of our 60-75 minute Deep Dive Sessions we unpack the heart of your triggers and help your protective system release the patterns and survival programs that no longer serving you. 

We will also compassionately contact and integrate the core wounds that keep your protective system in subconscious overdrive.

Free Call
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  • Do you work virtually or in person?
    I offer my services both virtually (online and by phone) as well as in person in order to best support you.
  • Do you offer services outside of the US?
    Yes! It is important for me to support my clients no matter where they reside which is why I happily offer my services worldwide.
  • What are your rates?
    One-on-One work with Laleña is billed as a monthly package which includes 2 (two) 50 minute sessions and ongoing Voxer (voice message) support between sessions for $444. Starting in December 2023, an additional provider, Natalie Nue, will be available for individual one-on-one sessions at a rate of $130/session.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    I do not accept insurance at this time but I do accept HSA cards. If you have more questions about this, feel free to contact me.
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